DIY: Old T-shirt into Bohemian Style


Hello Kikaysters!

This is my first DIY vblog.

Click this link below:

Did you know that in your old shirts or everything old clothes can be turn into a fabulous and unique new fashion? There's a lot of DIY/Crafts on Youtube can give you hints and advises. I have a lot of ideas but unfortunately I don't have time to video and post it on social media. This is my first time to do a vblog so please support me :) Sorry for the low quality of video I just use my on handphone and not a high tech camera or dslr or mirrorless camera. (I hope I can buy expenssive camera - wish me luck) :) Anyways, I also edit my video thru my cellphone application video editor. Can anyone give me a link or suggestions or websites on how to edit a video? What will be the best video editor? Please help. :)

Will try my best to upload more videos and you are welcome if you have any suggestions and request. If you like the video please Comment & Subscribes @kikaydhez.
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