Secret on the mirror


Hello there kikaysters,

I just missed for being here and post my thoughts.
Recently I was too busy on my shop, actually it's online shop. And thanks God! He is awesome and it gives me lots of customers. And I wish to have my own boutique with different items. (cross finger)

I love doing crafts. I enjoying it and I love it.

What's behind secret on the mirror?

First, thankful for the blessings. God is good all the time.
Second, Saying that look for your flaws and move on.
Third, Once you already move on you will say that you are strong and have faith in yourself and our God.

(Hope you'll understand what I mean)

"To dance in the rain, You must first learn to praise Him in the storm"
- G.R. Smith


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"Beautiful things happen When you distance yourself From negativity."

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