All I want in Christmas is YOU!


Hello Kikaysters,

Late post for a Christmas eve.

In Filipino tradition, every Christmas season is a get together with the families. With exchange gifts, lots of foods, and some families have games with prizes. That's why I love Filipinos. According to Noche Buena of the Filipinos are Filipino Food, and homemade dishes. 

As long as you and your family are together happy, enjoy in every moments thats the spirit of Christmas.

See? We're only three and our foods are overflowing blessings from God.
Thank you, LORD.

It's giving time!

"It's better to give than to receive."

I have something special for you mom and sis :)

Yehey! Thank you to my dearest sister, Look at my new sweater! Polka dots and exactly for New year's outfit.


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