Hello Kikays!

First, i wanna share surprisingly happened today. I was early in the office not because it's Friday but I just want to be early. I was supposed to go upstairs but Tata Wins reminding me "turn to the left" haha Yah! I know! Then i remember  I put my laptop in our cabinet in our  former area. I step forward closer but I saw in the shadow that our cabinet is not there so I looked to Tata Wins, he smiled; "Ay naku!" he said. Haha Sorry! And I go back to my area. Open my laptop, send my daily report and Opps I have Hopia in my bag i bought all of these at Universal. I'm going up to the second floor in place of Sir Ropie planning to provide a Hopia :) And one step closer to our area "Whooahhh I saw my name. I'm really surprised!"Accidentally I found they made decorations haha! I then quickly dropped. Haha Good thing Tata Wins did not seen me. I decided to go to level 2 to buy breakfast, but unfortunately it was "closed" Then I saw that car owners. Yes! Here they are. So long story short, I was busy with my laptop while listening to music, I saw some people will reflect in the mirror in front me going upstairs. But I ignored it. when I called Mrs. Donna, I think this is it. Dug Dug Dug Dug (my heart beat) They are simultaneously to sing "Happy birthday" they sat near the blinds and I turned to my right haha Ate Che and ate Raquel.

I don't know how to say "Thank You". I was shocked because they prepared lots of food. I don't know how to express my feelings. Thank you so much for the efforts from decorations, for the Ice Cream  Cake DQ from S&R, Pansit (Pampahaba ng Buhay :) , Lechong manok, Puto, Turon, softdrinks. Total burp of happiness.

Happy 18th Birthday to myself. Just kidding I'm getting older now at 28.


"Each day is a new life. Seize it. live it."

~ David Guy Powers ~


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"Beautiful things happen When you distance yourself From negativity."

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