Who loves Friday?


Who loves Friday? I think some of us loves Friday especially the students because of casual day (for some school who does not requires uniform every Friday). OOTD for Friday :) It is the beginning of weekend Yehey! No classes! No work! But as I said only some people loves Friday some of them stress full Friday because of work load and the next day they also have a work. Oh! also the students have a classes on Saturday; NSTP or ROTC depends on what they choose.

Anyways, the important is we are always happy on what we are doing, give thanks to the Lord for another day that He given to us that we are alive. 

Hello Friday!!! tomorrow is our family day again! 

| Inner Top from F21 | Kimono from Bazaar | Jeans from Bizaare | Shoes from Online Shop ( I don't remember the name of shop sorry) | ID Necklace from @prettylittleblings  (Follow them promise it's good quality) | Makeup from @marykaybestseller wearing New Sassy Fuchsia true dimension Lipstick it looks like Myrtle Gail's lipstick check on IG | Earrings from Bazaar | 

Thanks everyone! Happy Weekend!


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