Burpday Blast


I was so blessed when my day turns on.
They really made my day special
Thank you to all my friends and family who remembered my special day
Through text, messages, phone call, chat through lync & email (Thank you so much)
To the people who treat our lunch at Shakey's and Starbucks :)
My friends were with me to celebrate my birthday 
And my family to make little party get-together at home.

Thank you Lord for giving me a new life again.

I am wearing a black dress with pair of red shoes. 

 Delicious cupcakes

 Mini Party at office

Party hats :) "it's children party ;)

one wish in one day

Thank you so much gurls. 

 with LA, Tin & Rhexi

Party Hat at Sea Side Aling Tonya's
And a photo bomber ;)

At Home
Another celebration...


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"Beautiful things happen When you distance yourself From negativity."

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