Kiyomi / Gwiyomi

By Kikaydhez - 22:04:00

Kiyomi” or “Gwiyomi” Goes Viral on Korean Internet Craze

The new popular Korean craze called “Kiyomi or “Gwiyomi” becomes viral in Thailand and Philippines.
Kiyomi or Gwiyomi means “cute” using yours hands and your cute face you can do a Kiyomi and this is not a dance craze, it is an “Aegyo” that means “acting cute”.
It tells about the love of a girl and a boy. From the chorus part says “1+1 = Kiyomi, 2+2 = Kiyomi, 3+3 = Kiyomi, 4+4 = Kiyomi, 5+5 = Kiyomi, 6+6 = Kiyomi. For every addition they have a act of their hands.

The song is sang by “Hari”.



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