Colorful World


Welcome to my colorful world!
Love vintage prints on my shirt, bracelet, ring, even the heart shape earrings.
My All Star red shoes came from my sister :) 

 Love Life.
Love the people in your life.
Never give up in your dreams,
they are all you got.

Take every chance.
Drop every fear.
Colorful our world if you have Love, Peace in your heart.
I Love my Life with my family and contented of what we have.

<3 <3 <3
I'm wearing a white Belt from UK, All Star Red Shoes,Ribbon vintage Top from DIVI only P50,Dirty White Sleeveless also from DIVI P50, Black jeans, Heart Shape earrings gift last Christmas of my room mate Gel, Vintage bracelet from DIVI I think it's 3 for P100, ring also from DIVI 3 for P100.

As you can see all of them I bought at DIVI (Divisoria). In fashion we don't need a expensive things.


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"Beautiful things happen When you distance yourself From negativity."

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