Sunday, 26 April 2015



Me & my sister before we go to Festival Mall, We took our selfie photo :)

For my charm choker it's my DIY and the turquoise ring. SOON available at KIKAYDHEZ COLLECTIONS 

At fitting room :)
Fitting a jogging pants for our Zumba ;)

Fitting my new rubber shoes at FILA.
They are now SALE! 50% discount on selected items. Go to your nearest mall and find the store of FILA.
I pick a pink one, that's my favorite color as usual. :)
Thank you sister for taking this picture.

While waiting selfie mirror.

Outside the store.

After we buy my stuff needed in Zumba. We went to Salon at Pacita, We do not attempt to ask the price of rebond at Bench Fix Salon.

Have you notice the color of my hair?
Actually there's no effect the color of my hair. They repeat it and still the same, it's been light color not a darker one. :(

This is the second time of my hair color.

It's been a long time of waiting, just because of Rebond.


Bath & Body Works


We are so blessed, another blessings from my ninong Raymund. Thank you so much.
Everything was so sweet-scented. Every six months we received lotions, body cream, hand soap & perfume from Bath & Body Works. I have many collections of different fragrance. And I really love those smells.

I'd think to sell the other lotions instead to reach the expiration date. What do you think? Is it good idea or not?