Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hello Kikays! Hello Philippines! Hello World!

Hello Kikays! Hello Philippines! Hello World!


Let's spread good vibes! Thank you to my mom whose always supporting me as kikay :) haha She is the one who capture a photo of mine. She's my photographer of the day. To have a simple hello to all my fellow bloggers!!!

Whew! I will convince myself the good vibes not the bad vibes before I go to office. I don't want my surroundings  tinge  of sadness and anger. Let's Love love love <3

Posting my photo to remind you all that Jesus Loves Us! Yes! That's TRUE! Just believe in Him always. He will protect, guide us in wherever we are.

Top | Jag
White Inner | Forever 21
Skater Skirt | Bazaar
Shoes | My sister's cabinet :)
Tattoo  Choker Bracelet | Bazaar